The MIRAFORTÉ ® range is guaranteed 1.5T as per standard EN 1396
The largest thicknesses in the MIRALU range attain 3 mm.


MIRAFORTÉ ® stands for the development of an aluminium with a very high fire resistance.
Classed A2-s1-d0: very low fire contribution and minimum smoke production, no flaming droplets.


Available in longer lengths up to 10,000 mm thanks to continuous coating.
3 standard widths: 1000, 1250 and 1500 mm.
Other sizes possible on request.


MIRAFORTÉ ® exhibits excellent corrosion resistance qualities.
The range was classed RC2 following tests conducted in an independent laboratory.


Miralu guarantees long-term availability of its shades, thus considerably simplifying site follow-up projects.
A wide range of colours in stock and on request: more than 400 shades in the RAL, NCS and Pantone colour charts.


MIRALU has developed a back side continuously applied after the degreasing stage in order to prevent corrosive phenomena in aggressive environments.
This coating makes gluing even easier.


MIRALU continues to implement its longstanding approach in favour of the environment.
Chromium and solvent free production, zero aqueous releases, no heavy metals.
Green alloy 100% recycled on request.


Forming is facilitated during the bending, deep-drawing and drilling stages.
The absence of checkerboard effect allows freedom of layout and a considerable reduction in wastage rate.

Discover MIRAFORTÉ ®

Extra thick powder coil coated aluminium.


With its MIRAFORTÉ® range, MIRALU responds to market demands for the production of facade and cassette facing panels, while guaranteeing excellent deformability with no cracking or flaking.

MIRAFORTÉ ® is available in coils and sheets of two thicknesses: Forté 2.5 in 2.5 mm and Forté 3 in 3.0 mm.

MIRAFORTÉ ®, lwhat facade specialists were waiting for

Aluminium undergoes its ordeal by fire

  • “Orange-peel” aspect
  • Perfect evenness
  • Total rigidity
  • Easy gluing thanks to the Thin Organic Coating
  • No checkerboard effect, seamless on the facades
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Guaranteed long-term bending capacity
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • UV-resistant protective films
  • 2 collections: Forté 2.5 and Forté 3

MIRAFORTÉ ®, the bending expert

Give shape to all your architectural projects

MIRAFORTÉ ® allows the most extreme bending and forming operations thanks to the thickness and flexibility of its paint.

No problems with bending up to 1.5T, with no cracking or flaking, ensuring a perfect finish.